We connect international talent to the Netherlands

The Netherlands Point of Entry is the first stop for international talent looking to work or set up a business in the Netherlands. We are here to advice entrepreneurs, graduates and professionals about the possibilities for residence permits. The Netherlands Point of Entry will provide you with support on legal procedures, financial requirements and the process of applying for a visa.

The Netherlands is future-proofing the world, and we’re inviting you to co-create.

The Netherlands offers many advantages

From our language and culture to our weather and cuisine, it’s all very unique. But what makes the Netherlands unique for entrepreneurs? Let’s start with a short overview of the unique entrepreneurial traits of the Netherlands.

Gateway to the rest of the world

The Netherlands has a significantly strategic geographical location in Europe and has therefore earned the name “the Gateway to Europe”. Leading multinationals are based in the Netherlands providing an easy way to validate ideas across the continent whilst being an efficient gateway to the rest of the world.

90 minutes from 10+ Tech Clusters

Since the Netherlands is a well-connected country, you’re never more than 90 minutes away from at least ten leading startup- and tech clusters. All which are specialized in particular fields including Life Science and Health, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum tech, and much more!

Testbed for innovation

With an abundance of top universities, launching customers and early adopters the well-connected Dutch society has always been a natural testbed of innovations for the whole globe.